The KofC Planning Workbook, an Essential Resource

Recently featured in September’s issue of Knightline (p.7), the Knights of Columbus Personal Planning Workbook is a must have tool to guide you through your personal and estate planning. An exercise, and lesson in Good Stewardship the guidebook offers step-by-step instructions for organizing your important documents. The Planning Workbook offers clear explanations of common terms and forms, and serves as an excellent organizational tool for your estate planning needs. [NB: This workbook is not a legal document, but does serve as a complement to the documents prepared by your estate planning attorney]

My Own Experience:

After reading about this resource in the Knightline Newsletter, I schedule an appointment with our Field Agent Walter Boguslawski to learn more about this resource. At our meeting, Walter walked me through the workbook explaining each portion to me and what information was needed to complete the section. After our meeting, I saw that this workbook really serves two purposes. First, it acts as a guide to help you gather and organize your important personal information and documents. And second, if something should happen to you, the Personal Planning Workbook acts as a guide for your family in settling your affairs and can help ensure that your final wishes are observed. I would definitely encourage members of our Council to learn more about this resource.

For more information, or to get your copy of the Knights of Columbus Personal Planning Workbook please contact Walter Boguslawski, or your KofC Insurance Field Agent.